Megan Hastings of Islay Played at Royal Festival Hall

Megan Hastings (15) of Port Charlotte Islay has been playing the flute for 6 years. Some of you might remember Megan from the beautiful video on Youtube about the Hastings family which I have included below. Originally taught and inspired by Branwen Sykes, she had lessons with her for a couple of years, but when Branwen and Craig left for Australia she had to teach herself for two years. Then along came Jane Carswell of Jura. With monthly or fortnightly expeditions to Jura Megan continued against the odds and eventually a year ago won a scholarship and bursary to Lomond School in Helensburgh to study music. She has played for the county schools concert band, national Wind ensemble of Scotland, WOSIS and is now first reserve for the National Children’s Orchestra of Scotland. (There are only two flutists in the orchestra). Last September due to her excellent playing and musicality she was awarded the covetted Awards for Young Musician (AYM) Scholarship. The Award ceremony was held at the Royal Academy of Music and Drama in London. Continue reading.....

This is from the AYM organisation: "We believe that all musically talented young people – not just those from well off families - should have the opportunity to develop their talent. That’s why we’re here – to help young people with exceptional ability from lower income backgrounds. Many of these young musicians are struggling to meet the prohibitive cost of funding their gift. Our job is to ensure that these young people can continue to make music, by providing vital financial backing and also supplying the opportunities and encouragement that give them the confidence to progress. Without our help, their future in music could be over before it even begins."

I'm convinced we will be hearing more of Megan in the near future and I want to thank Jez and Tink Hastings for this very inspiring and heartwarming story. Congratulations Megan :-)

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