A Chance to Meet an Author on Islay

As a former teacher on the Isle of Colonsay, Mavis Gulliver has a particular interest in children's literature. In 2016, her third book, 'The Snake Wand' was published by Cinnamon Press. Following 'Cry at Midnight' and 'Clickfinger' this continues the adventures of Merryn and Hamish MacQueen in their fight against Malevolent Witchery. Joining forces with the Benevolent Wizards their adventures take them to real locations on Scottish Islands where they engage with magical creatures from Scottish Folklore.

The books are available from The Celtic House, Bowmore, Islay. Alternatively, if she is at home on Islay, you can, by prior arrangement, purchase a set of three directly from her. If you do this, she will be happy to show you the objects that inspired her stories. It may even be possible for unaccompanied children to engage in a writing/illustrating workshop. The books are aimed primarily at 8 to12 year olds but they have been enjoyed by older children - and by adults. And although Mavis has not published any books for younger children she offers storytelling/illustrating sessions with 5-8 year olds. Contact mavisgulliver@googlemail.com for further details and see www.mavisgulliver.co.uk for each of the three books.

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