McDougall's of Ardbeg

My great great grandfather was a Dugald McDougall 1802-1856 who worked as a cowherd at the farm of Areignambeist by Ardbeg. He was married to Anne McDougall 1820-1893 at Kildaton Parish church on 05/06/1836. It is through their daughter Annabella McDougall 1855-1923 that I am descended.

When Anne McDougall was widowed in 1856 she later married a Duncan McArthur. It was I believe the McDougall family that owned the farm at Areignambeist and later went on to found the legal distillery at Ardbeg about the 1820's and also develope the village of Ardbeg. This after an extensive period previously of a croft distilling industry to perfect the recipe.

I already know much of the family history from Annabella to the present day but very little about her sibblings, parents and grandparents. Can anybody help me who may be related to this Ardbeg family of McDougall's?


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Saturday, 07 July 2007
Hello Iain,

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Sunday, 15 July 2007
Thanks for the comment Ron, I have already posted this as you suggest and I am just trying to widen the circulation with your site in the hope of a reply.
So far nothing from anywhere. Its also on genesreunited and I have an Islay contact made there but no more information than I already have. However much you learn you always want to find out more.

Such is genealogy...a feast or a famine!

Regards Iain