Marks and Spencer on Islay

I read an interesting and funny story today in the Herald as well as on the For Argyll Website. The hilaric story is about an electrical inspector who was planning to do a survey at Marks and Spencer, Blackrock, Islay! Apparently there are more Blackrocks in the UK and certainly one other that does have a Marks and Spencer shop within their city limits, but that one is in Ireland and NOT on Islay. Here is a quote from the man's whereabouts, we start at the point where he hired a car at the airport and approached Blackrock:

He began to suspect something was amiss when he arrived at his destination only to discover it was a tiny hamlet with a couple of cottages, a farm and no M&S store. Maria Vicars-Rosier, a barmaid at Bridgend Hotel, where the misguided gentleman went for lunch, said: "He took the mistake in good part. Whoever had booked the travel arrangements for him had tapped in Blackrock and got the one near Port Charlotte, instead of the one in Ireland. "He said he worked for M&S and that he came from Grimsby. The sad thing is, we suddenly thought we were getting a Marks & Spencer."

Making the most of his day, the inspector visited an Islay distillery. Vicky Stevens, visitor centre manager at the Laphroaig Distillery, said she arranged the unscheduled tour. She said: "It was quite amusing. He had come to do an electrical check at Marks & Spencer's Blackrock store and whoever booked his tickets had looked up Blackrock and got the wrong one. "He was really pleasant and was just trying to make the most of his day."

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