Marion Ramsay - Mezzo Soprano from Islay

Marion Ramsay contacted me some weeks ago and sent me a link to her website which was a surprise for me. I had never seen her website before, and neither did I know about Marion herself, time for a change! Marion Ramsay is an award winning mezzo soprano from Islay and she is very talented. If you want to find out what exactly a mezzo soprano is I can recommend reading the Wikipedia page. The short version is "A mezzo-soprano is a type of classical female singing voice whose range lies between the soprano and the contralto singing voices, usually extending from the A below middle C to the A two octaves above. While mezzo-sopranos generally have a heavier, darker tone than sopranos, the mezzo-soprano voice resonates in a higher range than that of a contralto."

Originally from Port Ellen on Islay, Marion was awarded a Diploma in Western Music from Leeds College of Music (1999), a Bachelor of Music (Hons) from Napier University (2003) and also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Concert Singing (2008) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Opera Studies (2009) from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Awards that Marion has received include First Place in the Lieder Competition at the 94th Glasgow Music Festival, First Place in the Lieder Competition and Second Place in the Oratorio Class at the 95th Glasgow Music Festival and most recently was awarded Second Place in the Hugh S Roberton Scottish Song Competition at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 2008. Continue reading.....

Marion left Islay at the age of 18 and when I asked Marion what she misses the most she said: "Now that I'm based in Glasgow the things I miss most are the peace and quite Islay gives along with family and friends who live there. I try and come back as often as I can to visit but unfortunately due to working full time in a law firm in Glasgow I don't come home as often as I would like." If you want to find out more about Marion I can recommend a visit to her website where you'll also find a gallery with images, a link to a video on Youtube and some of the places where you can see Marion perform in the (near) future.

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