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RMS Pioneer in the Sound of Islay

Time for some good old nostalgia today because I came across a very old postcard, posted in 1908, of the good old steamer ferry days. The postcard is from Cameron and shows one of the mail steamers that visited Islay in the early 1900s, the RMS Pioneer in the Sound of Islay. The RMS Pioneer was launched on 2nd February 1905. By the way, RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship or Royal Merchant Ship. The RMS Pioneer was built for the Islay/Jura mail service from West Loch Tarbert and commenced duties in April of that year. She was owned by David MacBrayne and had a gross tonnage of 241. In 1939 she was replaced by the MV Lochiel. After service elsewhere, the Pioneer was finally scrapped in 1958. Speaking of the MV Lochiel, there is a nice account on my blog about the sinking of the MV Lochiel which makes some good reading.

RMS Pioneer in the Sound of Islay

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