The Magical Views from the Bunnahabhain Road on Islay

From all the roads on Islay the view from the Bunnahabhain road is perhaps the most stunning one. I must admit that on several occasions I almost ended up in the ditch because I couldn't keep my eyes off the breathtaking landscape. Mind you, that's without having an excellent dram at the distillery at roads end! Today was another one of those days, it was just breathtakingly beautiful, wherever I looked. Heading out with the new full frame DSLR, a Canon 6D, was a pleasure, with the sun out between some friendly clouds and quite a bit of snow on the Paps of Jura. The pictures turned out to be quite amazing :-)

Cottage in Bunnahabhain with the Paps in the background

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My favourite tree

Wide angle view of the Paps and the Sound of Islay

Heatherhouse and the Paps of Jura

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