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Looking Inside the New Bruichladdich Warehouses

This morning, when I went for my daily walk, I noticed that the new road opposite Port Ban is no longer a site with restricted access. Curious as I am I walked up the new road to have a closer look at the new Bruichladdich Warehouses which have been built over the last 6 months. The two new warehouses, or does this one just count as one?, that have been built are now almost ready on the outside and construction works are taking place inside.

Panorama of the new Bruichladdich Warehouse site

A couple of electricians were working on the site and as the doors were open I had a peak inside one of the new warehouses where the racks for the casks were mounted. These warehouses are huge and the view inside is very impressive. I don't know how much casks fit inside one warehouse but it must be a very large number. And then to consider that there will be six of these warehouses in total, although the remaining four, or five, will be completed at a later stage. Continue reading...

Now if you think the Bruichladdich site is big then you're mistaken. One of the guys I spoke had worked at a Diageo site near Elgin where they had built 57 of these warehouses. As you can see in one of the pictures the spaces for the other warehouses are ready and the concrete floors have been built and are covered with sand. It's an important project for Bruichladdich as they will be able to mature all their future whiskies on Islay. It's also good for employment on Islay as all these future whiskies will be bottled on Islay as well.

New road to Bruichladdich Warehouse site

Does this count as one or two warehouses?

Looking inside the new Bruichladdich warehouse

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