Looking Back Five Years Ago

The following article is from the Ileach from early November 2003: In a unique double, Bruichladdich has been awarded the title of Distillery of the Year – for the second time in three years – and Import Malt of the Year for their Vintage 1970 by Malt Advocate, the leading spirits magazine in the USA. The award was announced on Tuesday 21 October at WhiskyFest in New York. Of the Bruichladdich 1970, John Hansell MD of Malt Advocate observed: 'Sometimes, very rarely, we find a whisky which defies logic. We discover an older whisky of great depth and maturity which still retains its youth and freshness. This is one of those whiskies. An outstanding effort. The best Bruichladdich I have ever tasted.' Awarding the Distillery of the Year, Mr Hansell asked 'If a whisky distillery was owned by whisky enthusiasts, like you and me, instead of big corporate entities, what would it be like?' Referring to matters such as the importance of local skilled workers, local ingredients, concern with environmental and social issues and natural production methods, he concluded, 'Such a distillery already exists. It’s called Bruichladdich'.

Mark Reynier, Managing Director was delighted with the news. 'It’s extremely gratifying to be recognised for our innovative approach to making whisky as natural and authentic as possible and it validates the major decision we made this year to bottle Bruichladdich at the distillery.' Jim McEwan, Master Distiller, who received the awards, commented, 'Winning the title Malt of the Year is a testament to the skills of the guys who made the whisky – and the ones who looked after it whilst it was maturing. I had the easy job. I found it, treated it gently - with respect - and let it speak for itself. To top that off by winning the Distillery of the Year Award is really beyond my wildest dreams. The team at the distillery deserves to be congratulated.'

This story was published with kind permission of the Ileach Newspaper.

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