Live Wash Back Building at Bruichladdich

Bruichladdich is having a new wash back being built this week and the work can be seen live through one of their webcams. Building a new wash back is not an every day occurance and hopefully Mark from Islay Studios will be able to take a few pics for the blog. The Laddie Blog writes the following about this:

The new vat replaces one built by John Campbell, Duncan's great uncle, 105 years ago. The huge wooden vat, 5.5 metres tall by 4.25 metres in diameter is to be built by Joseph Brown & Sons of Dufftown, established in 1920s, the last of a dying breed of wooden vat makers as most vats are now made from mass-produced stainless steel instead of wood. We still prefer to use wood for fermentation even though it is more expensive and requires regular maintenance and daily upkeep because of the special thermal qualities ideally suited to an extended fermentation needed for purer quality spirit.

A live video stream is available from Bruichladdich Webcam pages. It shows live the work on the new wash back.

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