Lily MacDougall from Caol Ila on German TV

On Friday, June 6, you can see Lily MacDougall from Caol Ila on Television at a German/French channel called ARTE. Lily MacDougall is Christine Logan's mother and wife of the late Dougie MacDougall. She lives in a beautiful cottage called Yellow Rock next to the Caol Ila Distillery. During our holiday a German film crew visited Lily for two days and had long interviews with her.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Lily, also known as Lily Fish, in her lovely cottage the day before we left home. Lily is a remarkable woman, 93 years young, and full of plans for the future. She plays the bagpipes, makes beautiful paintings, drives around in her car, works in her garden and still paints her own cottage when needed. Besides all that she is a great story teller, but more about that later.

If you can receive this television channel tune in on Friday at 7pm continental time, 6pm in the UK. The programme is called Zoom Europe and according to the TV Guide, Lily will appear in the 6th topic. More information, in German, is available at Arte TV

The programme will be repeated on Saturday June 7, at 12am continental time, 11am UK. The programme is also available online for seven days after the initial transmission at ARTE+7 but unfortunately only for viewers from France and Germany.

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