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Lily Celebrates her 100th Birthday

A special party is coming up on Islay when Lily MacDougall, locally known as "Lily Fish", will celebrate her 100th birthday. Recently she had her picture, taken by Lord George Robertson, displayed in an exhibition in Holyrood, so many people outside Islay got to know her a little bit better. Now the national media, Herald Scotland, are running an article on their website so by now even more people in Scotland and elsewhere will be aware of this very special woman. Special, because she is still so active and full of life. She paints, drives around the island by herself and does a lot of other things on her own, and that for someone who is 99. And she is so very friendly, a joy to speak to! Of course living alone, at Yellow Rock Cottage in Caol Ila, is not always easy but she has her daughter Christine Logan taking care of her so she is in good hands. Continue reading......

Christine, who runs Lady of the Isles, said: "My mother is such a positive person and has always liked the colour red. She has driven red cars, she always wears red shoes or red earrings. She appreciates life. She has had a hard life in some respects but she has shown extraordinary talents with her hands, in her embroidery, her paintings and her poems." I remember when I took the picture of Lily and Christine you see in this post, there was no way I could take it before Lily was all dressed up and had her red lipstick on! A quote from the article:

Lily MacDougall was born in Heather House on Islay the year the Great War broke out. She was fourth youngest of a family of 10. Her mother sold fish, fresh fruit and nuts from the family's vehicle, which served as a lorry, van and car. Lily MacDougall said she has always been happy on Islay. As a young woman she tried unsuccessfully to find work in Glasgow as a "clippie" on the Corporation buses. She sold household items from door to door before returning to Islay to do the same there.

She also worked for seven years in the office of the island's Caol Ila Distillery before starting up a fish business, doing door-to-door sales and earning the local nickname of "Lily Fish". In August 1980 the Queen visited the island and she was piped off by Lily playing Leaving Port Askaig. Her husband, Dugald, the lighthouse boatman on the Sound of Islay for 45 years, died in 2004. She lives alone with her two cats, Sophie and Sushi. She added: "I am looking forward to the birthday party but part of me wonders what all the fuss is about. After all, I am only going to be 100."

Only 100 or not, we still wish her a fantastic birthday and many more days and years of good health, good life and prosperity :-)

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