Sometimes Life Gets in the Way of Blogging

I always said to myself that I wouldn't apologise for not posting on my Islay blog but today I do. I'm sorry for neglecting all the readers in the last week and especially over the weekend. As it so happened, life got in the way. My wife has been to hospital for four days, she returned home this morning, and in the meantime my daughter picked up the flue and she is now suffering from an infection on her ears so it was, and still is, all hands on deck. In all the hectic I did manage to see BBC Autumnwatch from Islay, which was great, but I completely missed Countrytracks on Sunday morning, bugger! To stay on topic with Autumnwatch, and to keep it short, I include a video of the Barnacle Geese which I made a few years back. If all goes well with the family I will start with regulars blogs in the next days.

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