Laphroaig Virtual Distillery Tour

Ever wanted to visit an Islay distillery but never got round to actually visit the island? Now is your chance to do a full virtual distillery tour at the Laphroaig Distillery. Of course you will miss the relaxed pace of life, your dram afterwards and all the other wonderful things Islay has to offer when you visit the island in person, but Laphroaig has created a very good and impressive alternative. What is this virtual tour? When you visit the Laphroaig Distillery Website you start with an introduction in writing and a personal welcome by John Campbell, distillery manager of Laphroaig.

Every year thousands of Laphroaig devotees come to visit us, drink in the atmosphere, learn a few of our secrets and share a dram or two with us afterwards. However whilst our isolation in Islay has enabled us to maintain the ancient traditions of Whisky making, we also recognise that for many of you the journey may be impossible - at least for now. To overcome this and to encourage you to make the journey, we have created 'the virtual distillery tour'. To do this we have filmed every aspect of the making of Laphroaig, including areas that the 'standard' tour never goes to (for instance our peat beds).

Introduction in the courtyard by John Campbell:

continue reading....After the introduction John will explain something about the the basic ingredients being water, barley and peat: "It rains a lot on Islay and this water collects in pools on the moorland, and then drains down into corries (old ice scraped features). It then seeps down through the peat and onto the hard rock - metamorphised quartzite actually - and runs down to our Loch (Loch Kilbride) up in the hillside there, and from there it comes to its final destination - the distillery here." After this explanation the real distillery tour starts in the Malthouse, from there you will visit the Kiln, see the milling process, have a look at the stills, get explained the process of maturation, receive a virtual dram afterwards and the tour ends in the Friends of Laphroaig clubhouse. I found this tour the best online tour I have seen so far and it's extremely interesting. Click on the image to start the tourThere are in total ten pages and, on each page, a separate high quality video varying from one to five minutes all presented by John Campbell. A most enjoyable journey so I won't keep you any longer. Click on the image to start your Laphroaig Tour! The video's including Laphroaig Live are also available from the Media Gallery

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