So What do the Locals think of Laphroaig

This week saw Laphroaig Live being broadcasted over the internet, this time from the distillery on Islay, to celebrate their 200th anniversary. As a friend of Laphroaig myself, and admirer of their excellent whiskies, I followed the event live via the internet, although we only live 32km from the distillery. During the event a nice collection of whiskies were tasted including a 32yr old Laphroaig, distilled in a time when the world looked very different from today. It was a pleasant and well orchestrated event, much different from the Laddie Live broadcast a couple of weeks ago. The latter was maybe not as slick but just as pleasant to watch. Nice to see that they each have their very own style, I happen to like both. Anyway, to make a long story short, Laphroaig likes opinions, which is great, and during their live event they showed a commercial in which they interviewed a few locals and asked them about their opinion of Laphroaig. It's a nice wee video, with surprising opinions too! Enjoy!

direct link to video on youtube

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