Laphroaig TV and Laphroaig Live

After last years first successful attempt to bring Laphroaig live television on the internet, there will be a follow up this year on the 18th of June at 8.00pm (local time). The friends of Laphroaig already received an email with the announcement a few days ago. Laphroaig live will be presented from Warehouse nr1 and Martine Nouet will be the special guest.

Laphroaig Distillery Panorama - May 2008

A quote from the email: First we will be tasting our classic 10 year old. We will then be comparing our multi-award-winning Quarter Cask with a new expression - Laphroaig Triple Wood. You will see this new expression being drawn straight from the barrel for the first time live! Robert will be tasting and discussing his latest "Friends" creation "Cairdeas" (which means "friendship" in Gaelic). To round off the evening, we have another surprise: a special limited edition "double matured" 30 year old. All in all it will be a fabulous, action packed 45 minutes. We will also be running some competitions for great prizes. Just like last year, you can send in your questions before the evening by posting them on the website at ( or indeed submit them live on the evening.

Laphroaig is very active on the internet and they have created a new section on their website called Laphroaig TV. In this section John Campbell will be doing regular video blogs and the members of the distillery team will be introduced here as well. Besides the distillery folk you can meet some of the characters from Islay, which will be very interesting to see. So far there are 6 videos online which are all worth having a look at. Below a video blog by John Campbell as an introduction to Laphroaig TV called Introduction and Spring Update.

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