Laphroaig Live 2010

Laphroaig Distillery sent out the following mailing about this years Laphroaig Live event which will be held later this month. If you are a friend of Laphroaig you've probably received it already, and if not here is the full announcement.

John Campbell So the secret is out! We are broadcasting our fourth web show live from inside the Harvey’s Bodegas in Jerez, Andalusia, Spain on Thursday 23rd September 2010 at 20:00 Eastern Central Time(ECT). Please bookmark it in your diaries as it really will be our best show yet. As you all know last year’s show was broadcast live from the Makers Mark distillery in Kentucky. This was because our two best selling expressions, 10 year old and Quarter Cask are matured exclusively in Bourbon casks. However this is only part of the Laphroaig story. We have been using the finest Sherry casks from Spain since our inception nearly 200 years ago and still use them to this day as they impart a completely different flavour to our spirit.

During the show we will be comparing classic bourbon matured Laphroaig –in this case Quarter Cask, with three other Laphroaig expressions. Our new Triple Wood which enjoys its third maturation in Spanish Oak, our cask strength 25 year old which uses both Fino and Oloroso sherry Butts in its maturation and a very special third, exclusively Oloroso matured expression – but you will have to watch the programme to find out more about this one! Continue reading....

Joining me on the panel this year are three good friends. Firstly, someone who will need no introduction to our American Friends of Laphroaig: Simon Brooking, our American Ambassador. I am also delighted to say that Jose Antonio Souto my opposite number, in charge of all Domecq and Harvey’s Sherries has agreed to join us. There is nothing Jose does not know about sherry, but he is also a keen whisky enthusiast –so who better to taste Laphroaig that has been sleeping in his very own barrels! Finally – one of you, a Friend of Laphroaig! He is from Italy and his name is Diego Sandrin. I have known Diego many years. He is famous for his music both as a singer and a songwriter indeed he has even co-written songs with Lisa Marie Presley. What people may not know is that he is an avid whisky enthusiast and has even blended some very fine expressions of Laphroaig himself. Many of you wrote in saying how much you enjoyed our special food recipes on last year’s broadcast so we are delighted that one of Jerez’s finest chefs will be preparing some brand new tapas recipes especially designed to go with Laphroaig and Sherries. It’s going to be a fun evening I am certain.

Would you like to join us? Of course I understand that the vast majority of our 400,000 friends are spread around the Globe and will watch the show via the website, but, I will be holding our second official “Laphroaig Gathering” with a little “Ceilidh” (party) right after the broadcast. If you are in the area or can make the journey to Jerez, please let us know by e mail by September 5th 2010 as we will be preparing tapas (and whisky of course) and need to know rough numbers. We will then send you the exact address. The broadcast on September 23rd will be 7.00PM UK time, which is 8.00PM Central European time. The website link for the Laphroaig live webcast will be I have added a link on this page to a site where you can check what time that is in your country.

If you have any questions about the event just post them to either the chat site on our website or on our official Facebook page ( and I will try to answer them all. I will write again closer to the time with more details, but look forward to joining with you all on this very special “Spanish” evening.

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