Laddie TV - A New Islay TV Channel

I found out about Laddie TV last week when the first videos were uploaded. On Saturday I posted a video of Jim McEwan and Mark Reynier in which they discussed how one should enjoy an Islay Single Malt Whisky. What I forgot to mention is that the video was one of many videos in the new Laddie TV Youtube channel. Today Mark Reynier reminded me of that fact when he posted a new blog on the Bruichladdich Website.

Mark wrote: "For the first time in one place we have various tasting videos, distillery profiles, special events and general video clips taken over the last decade. Laddie TV has a wide variety of film, both in quality with some professionally produced, like the Crow's Nest Films distillery profile used for a bank advertisement, and others which are more spontaneous, off-the-cuff, amateur video. We have chosen the video for the content, not necessarily the production values."

I think it's a great selection already and I look forward to seeing more new videos arriving online!

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