Islay's Kilmeny Church Celebration

Kilmeny Church is located near Ballygrant and is very much worth a visit. The church was remodelled in 1828 to plans drawn up by Thomas Telford. The area was the site of a number of medieval and early Celtic places of worship. This is one of the nicest churches on Islay but unfortunately I never had the pleasure to visit the inside of the church. Unlike many other churches on the island this one is closed for visitors, something I can understand given its sheltered location. During July and August the church is open on Thursdays when teas, coffee etc are available and a photographic display of the parish past and present is on show. Besides the usual Sunday service in the morning, the church is open tomorrow for a special concert as well:

To celebrate the life of Kilmeny Church and also to sing the songs that there was no time for in May, a Praise Concert will be held on Sunday 21 st September at 7 o’clock. The booklet of favourite hymns sold well ahead of expectation raising much needed income for the church and the Concert will be another chance to relive those memories of youth and special occasions. We invite folk from the island and beyond to join us for the evening. Continue reading..... There is a wealth of talent on this island and some of it will be in evidence as we welcome Islay Gaelic Choir as well as other local artistes. Tea and cakes will be served at the interval to allow all the throats to recover in time for the second half. We are also fortunate in that Jen Zielinski, one time Mission Partner in the Holy Land, will be giving a short talk on her experiences working for World Mission. Jen is well known on Islay having been involved in education and guiding and she is also a Church of Scotland Reader with the Presbytery of Argyll. All this is an occasion too good to miss although the tea and cakes alone should be encouragement enough, so come along to Kilmeny Church on Sunday 21 st September at 7 o’clock and enjoy yourselves, you won’t regret it. All we ask in return is a donation to church funds. The photographs are still on display so, if you didn’t manage to see them during the summer, the opportunity will be there for another wee while.

The beautiful autumn woodland around Kilmeny church

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