Killy Birder on Islay

It's been a while that I wrote about someone's Islay travel report but today I found an interesting one for you. The person behind the report calls himself Killy Birder and is based in Killingworth, North Tyneside. According to his report he had visited both Islay and Jura at the end of October / beginning of November. On his blog he posted two travel reports, part one and part two, and I quote a couple of interesting paragraphs from his blog below although I strongly advice you to read both original posts and have a look at the beautiful pictures: Continue reading.......

29th Oct. After the two+ hour crossing we were soon at our hotel at Bridgend on the island, and as my room was above the bar I was entertained until almost midnight by pop music, as I prayed for quietness and for drier weather for morning! 30th Oct. The morning was cloudy, but in the main dry. I was fully aware of Islay’s reputation of perhaps being the best place in Europe to see geese and I remembered Peter Scott’s comments about it, but I hadn’t been prepared to see quiet so many and this trip definitely provided my best ever geese watching by far, many of them at very close quarters. The Greenland Barnacle Geese (up to 40,000 on the island I believe), were of course the most numerous and we began to see large flocks of these within minutes of leaving the hotel as we travelled the edge of Loch Indaal.

2nd. Nov. Jura: The morning and early afternoon were taken up with the drive along the western side of the island where we passed wonderful bays, the Paps of Jura at times their tops covered by cloud and at other times perfectly clear under blue skies and Loch Tarbert which attempts to cut the island in half. It was a fascinating drive with many stops and many Red Deer including numbers of impressive stags. 4th Nov. It had been an excellent trip despite the odd soaking. In my eyes the weather had added to the atmosphere. Islay and Jura are two very different islands so I would find it impossible to really say which one I preferred. Each one has its strong points, but I did really appreciate the wildness of Jura and a bedroom on it that was not over a noisy public bar!

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