Kilchoman Church Interior Picture

It looks as if I have a thing with churches on Islay this week and in particular with Kilchoman Church. It started two weeks ago with a picture from a friend showing Kilchoman church without its roof timber after gales in November last year. In that post I made an appeal for images and Marion Davis was kind enough to point me to the CANMORE database where I not only found an image of the roofed church, I also found an interior picture of the ruins inside of the church. This week Margot Perrons contacted me and told me that she took images of the interior back in 1978. These images are now in posession of the Islay Museum. I've contacted Carl Reavey about it and he suggested to start a search in the Islay Museum in May to find these images, which will be very interesting! In the meanwhile Sandy Reid contacted me through Facebook and he sent me a beautiful image of the interior of Kilchoman Church, below. So today part three of Kilchoman Church and perhaps I can give this a nice follow up in June when I've found some more images in the Museum. Thanks everyone for your help.

Interior of Kilchoman Church - courtesy of Sandy Reid

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