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The first subject for the Islay Weblog cycling week is the start of Port Mor Wheelers back in 2008 which was meant to get kids from Islay on their bikes and showing them that it's fun. Jeremy Hastings and brian palmer were the ones that started this initiative at the Port Mor Centre, located just south of Port Charlotte. In the course of a year the Port Mor wheelers cycling club became very successful as you can read from the following news items which appeared in the Ileach in the last few issues:

Port Mor cycle Track Port Mòr Wheelers, the recently formed junior cycle club, now have the go-ahead to create an off-road track at the Port Mòr Centre, Port Charlotte, funded by Scottish Power Renewables. Andy MacDonald, local liason and Tidal Project Officer at Islay Energy Trust said: “We are delighted to be involved in such a forward thinking and green community initiative. We hope that this will be the first of many renewable energy projects that will benefit the Islay community and we applaud the generosity of the Port Mòr Centre for helping us with this exciting venture. All that needs to be done now is a gathering of volunteers/mums and dads to help build it. We welcome any assistance: Give Jez Hastings (850 010) or brian palmer (810 653) a call if you can help. Continue reading.....

Cycling at Keills On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon Mr Hastings and Mr Palmer came to do cycling with us. The first time they came we went round in a circle and they said that it is really important to warm up before you do cycling. The second time they came we had a race and we had to start on the tar, go up the slabs and then run up the grass. Then we went down the hill to the finish line. The last thing we did was go round in a circle and then we had a race. We went in pairs and we had to go at the same time as our partner and we had to do it twice. The first person to get in the middle first was the winner of the race. 1st was Fiona-Anne, Michael and Euan, 2nd was Erin and Gemma and 3rd was Eilidh and Cairistiona. We got our photo taken and then it was time to go. Cycling is great fun. Try it!

Kids on Bikes to Islay Show Port Mor Wheelers cycle club have teamed up with Islay Energy Trust to sponsor all young cyclists who arrive at the Islay Show ground on Thursday 13th August. Anyone aged sixteen or under who arrives on a bike will get in free!! It’s as simple as that!! All you have to do is turn up at the main entrance along with everyone else, and then dismount and walk.... You can then head for the Wheelers stand at the Show where there will be somewhere to leave your bike (because you are not allowed to ride your bike around the showground - for obvious safety reasons). Don’t want to ride all the way to the Show? No problem - if you put your bike in the back of a car and ride the last 100 metres to the entrance, you will still get in free... And the Islay, Jura and Colonsay Agricultural Association have kindly given the Wheelers an area of the Showground which is to be set up as a sort of track where we can do all kinds of cool bike stuff. More details soon. So remember - bring your bikes to the Show. It’s going to be a great day to be on two wheels.

‘Spartacus’ Hastings making ready to ride his bike to the Islay Show

There is lots more cycling going on and tomorrow I will show you a video where the kids at Port Mor have a very special guest to teach them the tricks on the bike. Stay tuned!!

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