Kennacraig Terminal Upgrade Progress

Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd. (CMAL) issued the following press release to report about the progress of the "Kennacraig terminal upgrade project". Cmal: Construction of the berthing dolphin at Kennacraig has progressed well in the last month. Graham Construction have now completed all the concreting works to the main structure and following a period of curing for the concrete, they will start attaching the fenders, bollards, copes, ladders and lights. Once the bollards, fenders etc are secured, and other minor works are completed on the south/linkspan berth, Grahams will then re-open the south berth for use (including the new berthing dolphin) and take possession of the north berth to complete the marine based phase of the works.

Berthing Dolphin – Prior to Final Concrete Pour

Grahams main focus is still on completing the new dolphin and other works on the south berth, however they have started the upgrade works on the terminal car parking. Grahams have also freed up some of the car parking areas that they were using as storage, which has increased the available parking. All ferry services are continuing to use the north berth of the pier and will continue to do so until the new dolphin and all south berth works are complete. It is envisaged that the south berth will be re-opened during the first week in May. At present Grahams are not undertaking any works as nightshifts, however they may need to do occasional nightshifts to finish the works.

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