Kate Hannett Exhibition on Islay

It's great to see how inspired people are by the scenenery and beautiful light conditions on Islay. The island draws artists and photographers from far and away to every corner of the island to capture these extraordinary scenes. While some come from far, there are quite a few locals too who paint and photograph the island. Every now and then I find new beautiful pictures somewhere on the internet and yesterday I was contacted by an Ileach who pointed out yet another stunningly beautiful space on the web that holds superb pictures of Islay. The Ileach who contacted me was Kate Hannett and she will exhibit her pictures at Ionad Chaluim Chille ÃŒle (The Columba Centre) from next Wednesday 26th February.

Kate told me: "The exhibition showcases many of the photographs on my website. They are predominantly of Islay with the larger prints focusing on the spectacular light that Islay offers due to it's location. While I don't have a definite brief of my work I am always drawn to intricate and peculiar up-close textures found in nature. A massive influence is also the sea, it's sound, ever-changing shapes and movements; the sea is an inescapable medium living on an island! Despite travels around the world I have never had as many beautiful and spectacular subjects and landscapes as I have found on Islay. Islay truely is a beautiful and enrapturing island and I am proud to call myself an Ileach and call the isle home." Make sure to visit Kate's website at katehannett.weebly.com and, if you're on the island, visit her exhibition at ICCI in Bowmore.

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