Possible Ferry from Kintyre to Jura

A vote will be held next week on Jura for a possible new ferry service between the mainland, Crinan Kintyre, to Craighouse on Jura. The supposed ferry should be a passenger service only. Earlier plans for a car ferry were rejected, the people on Jura didn't want their peaceful island to be changed in to a highway for people to travel to Islay. This new service should become a high speed service with travel times from one hour. The ferry is likely to become a rigid inflatable boat and will be in service from April to September onwards, if the plans will be approved by the Argyll and Bute council. The ferry will certainly make Jura more accessible for tourists and will be mainly a big progression for the islanders, they now have to travel to Islay first and take a plane or ferry for the mainland. Jura's population has already dropped by 30% in the last 40 years, so maybe this new service will halt the decline and will bring some more prosperity to the people on Jura.

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