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Every now and then I used to write something about the Isle of Jura on this blog but about a year ago, when I started a blog dedicated to the Isle of Jura, I stopped blogging about Jura on this blog. Instead I started to publish interesting facts, images, videos and everything else that's interesting enough to mention about Jura, on the Jura Blog, which is more or less similar to this one. The Jura blog can be found on the Jurainfo.com website and it's updated at least a couple of times each month. Last weekend saw a complete makeover of the layout of the Jura Blog. This change came together with an increase in the number of images in the updated Jura Picture Gallery where you can now find more than 70 beautiful Jura Pictures. Continue reading.....

Now I wasn't going to mention this change and neither the picture update if it wasn't for the fact that Teresa Morris of Islay Wildscapes was on Jura last weekend, at the same that I was doing the upgrade on the blog. Teresa was there to take pictures of the red deer rut and she came home with some stunning images including a couple of a Cromie Stag. A Cromie Stag has special antlers from which the tops are swept backwards and they only appear on Jura. The word cromie is derived from the gaelic word crooked. The images Teresa sent me of the deer rut are published on the new Jura Blog and I can highly recommend them. And now that I'm talking about Jura I would like to use this opportunity to point out yet another interesting post about the origins of the name Jura, which is usually believed to originate from the Norse island of the deer but Gavin, a reader from the Jura blog, sent me some links to websites with a completely different and fascinating explanation..... Tomorrow it's back to Islay!

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