Jura Celebrates New Project and Ferry

The ForArgyll website reports today that Jura is holding a civic reception at Craighouse on the 1st of August. The two main reasons are the award of funding for development of the Antlers building as a tearoom, interpretation and craft centre. The second reason is the launch of the passenger ferry between Tayvallich and Craighouse which proved to be very succesful. A quote from the ForArgyll website:

Jura is holding a celebratory civic reception at Craighouse on the 1st August, attended by residents and businessmen from Jura and Tayvallich, Argyll MPs, MSPs, local Councillors and Argyll and Bute Council’s Transport Spokesman. The passenger ferry has seen the numbers carried tripled on average since its launch. It now carries an average of 68 per week and the target for sustainability is to get it up to 120 per week. It’s being used by locals, businesses and tourists. The option of a fast service direct from the mainland has helped people with holiday homes on the island to spend much more time in them - good news for Jura as well as for them.

Talking about the Isle of Jura and perhaps the third reason for celebration is the fact that the Scotsman reported on 8 July that the street lights on the island had finally been switched off. The lights stayed on continuously from December last year until late June due to a fault and the absence of a locally based electrician. So much for energy savings ;-)

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