Jez and brian's Charity Cycling Trip

It will be a even more quiet on Islay's roads and at Debbies as well..... Jeremy Hastings and brian palmer left Islay yesterday to join the London-Paris Cycle Tour 2008. The London-Paris Cycle Tour is a unique 3 day 'Tour de France' style endurance event for amateur and cyclosportive riders. It is the 'professional event for amateurs'. Like a pro event it has full support, rolling road closures and covers 600km in three days followed by a rest day in Paris. This PRO/AM event includes stars such as double Olympic Gold James Cracknell, TdF, Giro and World Cup winner Stephen Roche, Max Sciandri and Brian Smith as well as the above mentioned stars from Islay.

Jez and brian aren't only cycling for fun of course, brian said: "the whole purpose of the london-paris ride is to raise huge sums of money towards three nominated children's charities". For this purpose they made a lot of training hours on Islay in the last months and during my holiday I saw them several times cycling like a maniac over Islay's lonely roads, before stopping at Debbies for a well deserved coffee and other refreshments. That's where I met them to wish them all the best for their training and upcoming tour, and to sponsor them of course!

The cycle tour starts on Thursday June 26 in London and ends in Paris on June 28. More information about the tour, charities, teams and the latest updates, is available from the London to Paris website. Next week you can read all about the tour on brian's washingmachinepost blog, that is when he is recovered in time ;-). Good luck guys and don't forget to drive on the right side of the road!

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