Jura to buzz with the sound of radio

I received the following news release two days ago about the setting-up of a temporary amateur radio station in Craighouse on the neighbouring Isle of Jura by a group of enthusiasts at the end of April:

If you're on the Isle of Jura at the end of April, you may spot a few additions to the Craighouse skyline. The temporary aerials behind Braeside are the work of a group of Cheshire radio enthusiasts looking to bring the island to the world's airwaves.

Interest in the Macclesfield and District Radio Society transmission, which will run for one week from 26 April to 3 May, has come from around the world with web sites in the USA, Australia and several European countries reporting on the plans. The club predicts that between 1,000 and 2,000 people from all corners of the globe will attempt to make contact with the island radio station during its time on-air.

Because of its sparse population, Jura is among the most sought-after of almost 200 Scottish islands included in the popular 'Islands on the Air' scheme run by the Radio Society of Great Britain, in which radio operators attempt to contact as many worldwide island-based stations as possible in order to win awards. Continue reading.....Amateur radio is a pastime enjoyed by millions throughout the world. Operators need to pass an exam to gain a licence to transmit, but can then become involved in fields ranging from traditional short-wave communication to the latest internet technologies, and can even transmit their own television pictures.

Some more general information:
The Macclesfield and District Radio Society was founded in 1958 and is currently celebrating its fiftieth year. As well as providing a meeting place for people interested in radio and holding lectures and events related to the field, the club conducts technical training, examinations and also assists schools in preparing their science curriculum. More information on the Society can be found at its web site

Further information on the station itself can be downloaded from http://m1lol.co.uk/mws/

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