Isle of Jura Pictures

During our last visit on Islay we did another trip to Jura as well. Jura is such a beautiful island and when the sun is out and it's warm it feels like paradise. It was on the 5th of May that we had these exact conditions and it turned out to be a magnificent trip. We saw three Golden Eagles, Hen Harriers and many many deer, which is not strange when you consider there are more than 5000 of them living on the island. That's almost 28 of these majestic animals for every person that lives there. I'll let you do the maths.

As you might know I am running the website as well and tonight I have uploaded fifteen new high res images from this trip. The images can be found in the Picture Gallery. Below are a few examples of what you can expect. I hope you like them!

The island of deer, and the Paps

The Stone Pier in the Small Isles Bay, Craighouse

The sign to "Evans Walk", one of the approaches to the Paps

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