Isle of Jura Nominated

In April the Times Online started the Green Spaces Challenge, focussing on worldwide and UK travel destinations. Today the Times Online reported that the Isle of Jura has been nominated by Lesley Beryl Hawker in July for the 2008 Green Spaces Travel Awards. Other nominees are Bamburgh in Northumberland, Minsmere Nature Reserve and other places from all over the world. It's interesting to read the motivation from Lesley and specially what she writes about Islay after her Jura trip: "returning to Islay after three nights of solitude was weird - all those roads, restaurants and people". Fact is that Islay has more roads, people and restaurants than Jura although this almost sounds like a difference between day and night, but everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion of course. About the Isle of Jura she writes the following:

Jura in the southern Inner Hebrides is my favourite green space. It is about 30 miles long with a population of 200 and a wonderful friendly community who welcome visitors with a special brand of hospitality. The island has many acres of moorland, lochs, wild coastline and forest where you can enjoy solitude, beauty and freedom. There are about a hundred species of birds including golden eagles, rabbits, hares, about 6000 red deer, otters, seals, dolphins, and occasionally passing whales if you're lucky! You can explore the island on foot, by car, boat or on a guided tour and the adventurous can even see the Corryvreckan whirlpool where George Orwell nearly drowned while he was living in the north of the island writing "1984"

Peace and Tranquility on the Isle of Jura

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