Isle of Islay Twitter Pictures

There was a time that I had my serious doubts about the use of Twitter. This was mainly because I couldn't imagine why other people could be only slightly interested in the answer of the question that is asked on Twitter's home page "What's Happening". Now, a few years later I can't imagine that I ever had doubts about the service. For me Twitter is the main source of news, and most importantly, it is tailor made news. Twitter gives me the option to only read stuff I'm interested in and I can skip the rest I don't want to read. Twitter is also a great way to get your message across to others, in my case updates about everything Islay related; interesting links, events, news, blog posts, videos and of course pictures. Recently I came across a nice feature on Twitter, the media grid. It makes an overview of the images that are (re)tweeted by a user and the result is an interesting grid view of recently posted images. Below is my Islay Media Grid and if I post enough pictures it is likely to change weekly. Here is the direct link:

More Islay images can be found on the Islay Pictures Photo Blog, in the Islay Gallery and of course on the website

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