Islay in Germany

You might wonder where this title comes from? Last week I found an interesting site. There are a lot of people caught by the Islay-virus and they all express their love for the island in their own special way. Some of us write about Islay, paint Islay, sing about Islay and there is one person who thought that the present Islay Bar in Port Ellen needed some redecorating. Now I dont think she is the only one. It is a sad sight to see this old hotel and bar left in the state where it is in today, although from a certain point it does have its charm. I wonder if there are any plans for a major update here? Now this lady who wanted to redecorate the Islay Bar did so in Munich Germany where she started her own Islay Bar. They serve, of course, all the Islay Malts and even Port Ellen Malt is available there. So if you are ever in Munich make sure you dont miss this place.

The proprietor of the bar is Ulrike Putz and she has a German/English website which you can visit here

Added 28th of july: Armin wrote on his Islay Blog in English and German about the plans for the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen. Thanks Armin!

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