Islay Tope Fishing Festival

When I received this information I raised an eyebrow because I didn't have a clue what a Tope was. After some googling on the internet I learned some more about these sharks and here are the basics:

A Tope, or school shark, is a small to medium sized shark. The upper body is grey to brown, under side white and they are found between depths of 2-450m. The Tope is both a coastal and offshore species, although known to come within the surf-line. Mostly a bottom and mid-water schooling shark. They feed on fish, mostly Whiting, Pout, and other schooling species, though occasionally crustaceans plus squid and cuttlefish. They can be found in the UK from Scotland to the English Channel, for most of the year, and during the summer months tending to be closer inshore, though migrations are known to include the Mediterranean Sea.

Tope's are regular visitors in Islay's waters and also in Loch Indaal. That's the reason Stormcats, boat builders at Lagavulin, is organizing the Islay Tope Fishing Festival for the second time in a row. Last years event was a big success and this might become another annual 'festival' on Islay. This years festival, an open event for everyone, will be held on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August from 10.00 - 16.00 on both days. There is an entry fee of £20 for adults and £10 for juniors (under 16). There are many prizes and the first prize is £500! Registration will take place from 08.00hrs on both days at Bowmore Pier, Isle of Islay. For further information and a registration pack contact: All monies raised will be split between the RNLI and the Islay and Jura Sick Children's Fund.

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