Islay Studios Bruichladdich

During our last trip to Islay I met Mark Unsworth and his wife Helga who run Islay Studios Photography at Bruichladdich, a very nice couple who moved to Islay seven years ago and tried their luck on the Hebridean Jewel. They are located just outside of Bruichladdich on the main street where they have their studio and workshop. Plans are to move the studio to Islay House Square in the near future. Mark is a very gifted photographer and that shows immediately when you enter his studio. There are a lot of stunning pictures of Islay, both framed and unframed, for sale at very reasonable prices. Mark is also the one to hire for events, weddings and other occasions where a good photographer is needed.

Mark told me of his new website where he shows and sells most of his pictures online. Being a full-time photographer on Islay gives him the best opportunities to capture the amazing light conditions whenever they occur. These beautiful conditions and special light are his trademark and show in most of his pictures.

A quote from Mark's Website:
My aim is to offer a creative aspect to the land and seascapes that I sell both through the website and at my photo gallery in Bruichladdich, Islay where visitors are most welcome. A lot of the photography is shot late into the evening at exposures that give a sense of mood and motion.

The pictures he takes digitally are not manipulated in any way, you buy them the way he took them, which is more than you can expect nowadays and shows just how good a photographer he really is. If you are interested to have a look at his photography have a look at his new website, or visit Mark and Helga in Bruichladdich, and enjoy the beautiful views of Islay. You won't be disappointed!

Ps. the picture on this page is one I took myself at Loch Indaal. Trust me, Marks pictures look a lot better :-)

  • Visit the Islay Studios Website here

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