Islay Seals and Fiona

Just by accident I stumbled upon the website from Fiona Middleton. I heard about her sometime ago through someone who recommended me to read her book, which I didn't so far. I totally forgot about her untill today when I visited her website. Fiona Middleton lives on Islay in the Kildalton area and has a special relationship with seals. She cares for them a great deal and strongly supports the Save Our Seals Fund, a recognised charity organisation for the protection of seals.

In her book Seal, Fiona tells of her life on Islay where she plays her violin and sings to the seals as they swim in the crystal clear waters. Seal takes you into the magical folklore and history of the Kildalton sanctuary where Fiona and her family care for many other animals and birds as well as their special houseguests - rescued seals.

She launched an appeal on her website for a new boat, which will be used to patrol the waters around Islay and rescue seals, as well as guide journalists to areas where the seals live. Donations can be made on her website.

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