Port Askaig Reconstruction

Port Askaig on Islay is undergoing a major reconstruction at this very moment, as part of a bigger operation in the whole Port Askaig area. The first phase of this £11,000,000 operation is finished, which was the construction of a better road from the port up the hill and the expansion of parking space for the Ferry. Right now the extension of the north pier is taking place, which is part of phase two and should be finished in September of 2007. Expansion of the north pier is necessary for the fisherman to tie up and land their catch. Phase three, the reconstruction of the present pier in front of the hotel should be finished in 2008.

Arra lives only a mile away from Port Askaig and he sent me pictures to give an impression of the works that are taking place. Below is one of four pictures, the others are added in the Mediagallery: Port Askaig reconstruction pictures.

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