Saga Of Lagman, King Gudrod's Son

This saga was originally written in Old Norse, app. 1225 A.D., by the poet and historian Snorri Sturlson. In the saga is referred to King Gudred, I assume he is an ancestor of Godred Crovan, king of Man and the Isles. King Magnus is also knows as King Magnus Barelegs....Anyway enjoy!

King Magnus came with his forces to the Holy Island (Iona), and gave peace and safety to all men there. It is told that the king opened the door of the little Columb's Kirk there, but did not go in, but instantly locked the door again, and said that no man should be so bold as to go into that church hereafter; which has been the case ever since. From thence King Magnus sailed to Islay where he plundered and burnt; and when he had taken that country he proceeded south around Kintyre, marauding on both sides in Scotland and Ireland, and advanced with his foray to Man, where he plundered. So says Bjorn Krephende:

"On Sandey's plain our shield they spy:
From Islay smoke rose heaven-high,
Whirling up from the flashing blaze
The king's men o'er the island raise.
South of Kintyre the people fled,
Scared by our swords in blood dyed red,
And our brave champion onward goes
To meet in Man the Norseman's foes."

Lagman (Lawman) was the name of the son of Gudrod, king of the Hebrides. Lawman was sent to defend the most northerly islands; but when King Magnus and his army came to the Hebrides, Lawman fled here and there about the isles, and at last King Magnus's men took him and his ship's crew as he was flying over to Ireland. The king put him in irons to secure him. So says Bjorn Krephende:

"To Gudrod's son no rock or cave,
Shore-side or hill, a refuge gave;
Hunted around from isle to isle,
This Lawman found no safe asyle.
From isle to isle, o'er firth and sound,
Close on his track his foe he found.
At Ness the Agder chief at length
Seized him, and iron-chained his strength."

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