Islay High School Pupils go Digital

For those who read Ian's blog this won't come as a surprise but for the others it will need an explanation. Ian Stuart, Head of Technology at Islay's High School in Bowmore, was all over the news in the last weeks together with his pupils from the School. Reason for that is the use of high tech ICT equipment, a special kind of light weight mobile computer, by all the pupils of Islay's High School, which helps them to do their homework on, write essays and email them to their teachers. This creates higher productivity and it will probably be more fun for the pupils to make homework with such a high tech device. Ian was the driving force behind this succesful project which attracted attention from schools in other parts of Europe as well. Today the BBC reported about this new project on their website.

A quote from the BBC: A small corner of Scotland has big ideas about the future of education. Pupils on the island of Islay are the first in Europe to go digital, and are gaining admiring glances from across the water. The funding for all of this has come from the Scottish Executive's Schools of Ambition programme. Unveiled by the then first minister Jack McConnell back in 2005, selected schools get an extra £100,000 a year for three years to make improvements.

Pupil Natalie Rountree said it was a big change from jotters, but has found the technology easy to use. "Because we live on an island, we've got disadvantages to everything," said the 16-year-old. "We never expected to get such fantastic pieces of equipment. We didn't think we'd manage to get the funding for it." At Islay High School, the benefits are clearly outweighing the costs and the computers are even offsetting expenses in other areas.

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