Islay Desktop Calendar 2008

Islay Desktop Calendar 2008This is something I had in mind for a long time and today I finally started to work on it. Now what is this "Desktop Calendar" you might wonder? The Islay Desktop calendar consists of twelve carefully selected Islay pictures, one for each month of 2008, which you can download and set as a background on your computer's desktop.

Instructions to download: All you need to do is go to the Islay Desktop Calendar Webpage and choose the desired month. This will launch a new browser window which contains your chosen month. Use the right-hand button on your mouse to select the picture, then pick the "set as background" option from the menu which appears or pick 'Save Picture As...' option to save the images on your computer. That's all! The first six months of 2008 are ready and the others will follow shortly so enjoy!

Example of the month May 2008 - Open day at Bruichladdich

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