The Islay Dentist

It was 2005 and our second trip to Islay and Scotland after our honeymoon in 2004. It all started on the luxury cruise ferry from Rotterdam to Hull. After a stroll on the deck we went inside to the ship’s bar and ordered ourselves a few drinks. A beer for me and Manuela had Baily’s with Ice. We enjoyed our first day of holiday and watched the sun setting over the North Sea while Manuela chewed on her Ice Cube.

The next morning when we woke up Manuela had a little toothache but nothing to worry about at that moment. We drove to Tarbert in Kintyre and stayed at Rhu House to leave to Islay the next morning. At Saturday the ferry for Port Askaig left and so we went to Islay for our second trip. Manuela’s toothache however was getting worse and she didn’t feel good about it. She took some painkillers but later that Sunday things were getting worse. Finally we were on holiday and looked forward to Islay so much and now this. Very early Monday morning I called the Islay hospital and a very friendly person answered the phone. She told us to call the dentist later that morning and so we did. The dentist assistant was very friendly and made an appointment with the dentist at 13.00 at Bowmore hospital. The dentist was a very friendly man and helped Manuela’s to cure the pain. After this Manuela’s pain was gone and we could finally start enjoying our holiday on Islay.

Islay Quilters on Islay square. A group of very friendly people making the most beautiful quilts. After we talked a little to a very friendly woman she asked Manuela how her tooth was. Surprised we looked at each other and didn’t understand how she could possibly know that. She explained she was the person attending the phone at the hospital and remembered every detail. Then we understood that a lot of people have more than one job on Islay and had a big laugh about it. Later I found out her name is Rae and we will certainly visit the Islay Quilters this year and maybe even buy ourselves a nice quilt as a beautiful memory of Islay and its very friendly people.


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