Gordon Explains the Islay Woollen Mill Machinery

Early June I wrote about the Woollen Mill and its tweeds being available on Savile Row in London. Tonight we revisit the Mill. If you wonder how the tweeds are made on Gordon's old machines in Bridgend I can recommend you to watch the video below. The woollen Mill is quite famous, they made tartans for the movie Braveheart, Rob Roy and many others. The machines are one of the oldest in the UK, if not THE oldest and they make a tremendous noise and great tartans too! In the video Gordon also shows many tweeds and their matching clans. You really should try to vist the Woollen Mill when you're on Islay. Gordon is quite keen to explain to you in person what happens at the Mill and how it works and afterwards you can visit the shop or have a walk in the beautiful neigbouring woods!

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