Wintry Islay Walk from Bunnahabhain to Rhuvaal

One of Islay's most beautiful long distance walks is the one from the Bunnahabhain Distillery to the Rhuvaal Lighthouse at the most northerly tip of the island. You roughly follow the electricity poles leading all the way up the lighthouse which is still inhabited by an elderly couple. From there you can walk back to Bunnahabhain or continue south-west and head for Loch Gruinart. A friend from Islay did the walk up to the Rhuvaal Lighthouse last week in wintry and sometimes sunny conditions. As you can see from the pictures below the Paps of Jura were covered in snow and the light was beautiful as always. Continue...

My favourite tree near Bunnahabhain with the snow covered Paps as backdrop

Sound of Islay and Paps of Jura

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Track to Rhuvaal following the electricity poles

Pebble Beach at the Sound of Islay

Rhuvaal Lighthouse

Looking back to the Paps of Jura from Rhuvaal Lighthouse

Rhuvaal Lighthouse and incoming shower.

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