Islay Winter and Snow Images

I was writing this post tonight when the power went down, not only in my house but in 100,000 houses in the west of the netherlands. Now, four hours later, after a relaxed and pleasant evening, the power has been restored so here we go.... I just returned from a dusk walk in our nature reserve and it was brilliant. Snow, strong winds, drifting snow and the formation of snow dunes combined with temperatures well below zero give the place a siberian look and feel. It reminded me of winters from my childhood and I'm glad that we can still have these severe winters despite the climate change. I saw four woodcocks, two stags and a large flock of geese flying over at very low altitudes, perhaps due to the grim conditions and reduced visibility. Exciting times and although Islay doesn't have a any snow on the lower parts of the island the place is still very cold with -5C last night. Now the good thing about the wintry conditions of last weeks is the fact that the sun has been out a lot more than usually in this time of year and this brings me to the primary reason of this post. Just before Christmas Teresa Morris of Islay Wildscapes sent me some beautiful snow images of sunny Islay. I have posted only a few of them earlier on and tonight I want to show you the remaining ones. Continue reading....

Cattle at Storakaig

Mountains near Feolin

Loch Indaal Ice Reflections

Galloway Cattle