Islay Winners of Scottish Edge Award

In January I wrote about Stormpods who had entered a government run competition where they could win a substantial amount of money to further develop their stormpod, a new type of accommodation, built by Stormcats, the boat builders on Islay. Out of 235 applicants and 2 rounds of pitching to some of Scotland's leading business figures they had made it to the final 20 businesses and put themselves in contention for a prize package (which included funding, mentoring from the Royal bank of Scotland ) and also to take with the recognition that goes along with achieving making the final.

At the final a total of £540,000 was awarded with stormpods being awarded £30,000 in funding to create additional pod demonstrator models and to enhance their marketing plan. A great achievement for the Islay based company and hopefully a push for future success. Congratulations!

John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth presented Stormpods with the award.

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