Will Islay have a White Christmas?

With the recent cold spell and subsequent snowfall a white Christmas on Islay is becoming a real possibility. There is a good cover of snow at present and the weather forecast (image right) shows that the next days will be rather cold with frost at night and daytime temps around or slightly above freezing point. Also on Christmas day there is a chance of light snow, so the forecast looks good! Now what is it with a white Christmas, why are we so keen on having snow especially at Christmas? Below a quote from the Met Office website with their explanation:

Snow at Christmas is deep-seated in British culture, and many of us long for the likes of the scenes depicted on traditional Christmas cards and in works like Dickens’ A Christmas Carol or Pickwick Papers. The interest in snowy Christmases has its origins in the colder climate of the period 1550–1850 when Britain was in the grip of a ‘little Ice Age’. Winters were particularly persistent and severe — 1813/14 was the last winter that a ‘frost fair’ was held on the River Thames in London. For most parts of the UK, Christmas comes at the beginning of the season for snow. Wintry weather is more likely early in the deepening cold of January. White Christmases were more frequent in the 18th and 19th centuries, even more so before the change of calendar in 1752 which effectively brought Christmas day back by 12 days. Continue reading....

There are a few online resources that I'd like to mention. On the website www.metcheck.com you can find a White Christmas Snow-o-Meter where you can enter your region and find out what the chances are for a white Christmas. According to them Islay has a 30% chance of seeing a white Christmas!

The Weather Outook has the following info for the run up to christmas: "More very cold wintry weather for the whole of the country during the next few days, and there will be further snowfall in places, especially in southern, and central regions. We're now very confident the cold will persist until December 25th, and it may well turn out to be one of the coldest Christmas Day's on record, although widespread snowfall looks unlikely."

Snow on Islay and Jura by Ewan Graham

If you have consulted the links above and figured out what the chances are for a white Christmas you can place a bet on a white Christmas at Heathrow airport, Glasgow airport, Manchester airport and Dublin airport. White Christmas betting is betting on any snowfall being registered at these specific locations, it doesn't have to be a vast amount. You can do so here and who knows, it might even start to rain pennies from heaven!

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