Islay is a Whisky Mecca

These are not my words but I find them very true. With eight whisky distilleries on a relatively small island you can easily give Islay this qualification. As a result of all the distilleries thousands of people all over the world visit their Mecca and come to Islay to find out where their favourite dram is made and to meet the people who make it. While doing so they also find out what a fabulous place it is and they discover many more reasons for a future return visit. This happened with me and I know from many others who experienced the same. In fact, I haven't met anyone yet who spent their holiday on Islay who wasn't already planning a return visit in the near future, that's a rather special thing and I'm sure this isn't the case with many other holiday destinations in the world. anyway, why am I writing this blog post? I found a very nice travel report titled A wee dram in Islay on Twitter which was mentioned this morning by @Bowmore1779, the Twitter account from Bowmore distillery. Continue reading....

It is a barren place compared to the lushness of Southern England - much of the island appeared to have no agriculture at all, and the natural ground surface is subtle shades of red, purple and brown from the native grasses, bracken and heather. The weather was epic: the relentless wind was buffeting us from the Atlantic. For half an hour we would be rained upon and for half an hour it would be fine - and this cycle repeated itself for the entirity of our stay. Perhaps for our own sakes the distillery manager Eddie McAffer said when we met us that it probably wasn't a day for going out in the bog to cut peat. I asked "Really...? Not even for a minute?!?", he swore, walked away, and came back with Wellington boots. I got my way: despite the weather and Granville's badly twisted ankle, we were driven to a beautiful patch of strangely bouncy orange field and dug out some peat - that will probably contribute to the smoky flavour of your Bowmore dram in thirteen or so years from now.

Besides an interesting travel report you can also enjoy quite a few nice pictures of Islay

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