Islay Whisky Legend Jim McEwan

Last Sunday, during the Bruichladdich open day, Islay whisky legend Jim McEwan celebrated his 50 years in the whisky industry. Mark Gillespie from Whisky Cast, who had an interview with Jim earlier in the week, wrote on his website" : "Jim McEwan is arguably the most well-known figure in Islay whisky today. He spent 38 years at Bowmore Distillery, working his way up from an apprentice cooper to distillery manager." After his Bowmore period he started at Bruichladdich where he is still working today and as a part of the festivities Jim gave a special masterclass to quite a big crowd as you can see in the video below:

After the masterclass he was presented a nice gift on behalf of the distillery crew, and Robin Laing produced a unique song for 50 years of Jim McEwan in the whisky business at the end of the Bruichladdich open day, in front of several thousand spectators, see the video below:

The full interview which Mark Gillespie had, and where you can hear if Jim McEwan will retire or continue, is available online as podcast via this link

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