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On several occasions I've written about Wild and Magic Islay, Whisky for Girls and Theatre of Drams, all ran by Rachel MacNeill from Bowmore. Around a year ago Rachel decided to streamline all her activities under one new business name and new website and the result was Islay Whisky Academy ( ). The Whisky For Girls brand is still there and so are the many different and excellent Islay Whisky Tours and tastings through Wild and Magic Islay. Added is the education part.

Islay Whisky Education

A few years ago she started the Islay Whisky Academy Diploma and it proved to be very successful. Rachel said: "We have developed and expanded the company, and are delighted to offer Whisky Education Courses, in addition to our amazing Islay Whisky Tours and Events. Our new range of Islay Whisky Tours include 5 Star Tours, Flavours of Islay Tours, Adventure Tours, and many other interesting and unusual experiences. Wild and Magic Islay are very "on trend", offering Outlaw King Historic Tours of Islay. Sharing stories of Finlaggan Ancient Seat of the Kings of the Isles, & Dun Naomhaig - from where 10,000 men left to fight for Robert the Bruce in 1314." Read more....

Online Islay Whisky Courses

Islay Whisky Academy are also developing two online courses which can be accessed all over the world, allowing people to study at home, then, come to Islay to achieve their Diploma. Rachel said: "We have so much work to do, but it is so interesting and exciting. I hope Islay Whisky Academy Level 1 online course will be available for you at the end of this year."

The Academy class of 2019

Islay Whisky Academy Venue

"The most exciting future plan is that we are creating a permanent venue for Islay Whisky Academy. Previously we hosted events in the Gaelic College or Bowmore Hall. This year we are working to develop our own Islay Whisky Academy space which will be available all year round. I can't wait. We will be able to host lectures, workshops, tastings, demonstrations and events, when ever we wish - which will be all the time! We will be able to offer Whisky Education & old fashioned Hospitality to everyone - whisky lovers, island lovers, lovers in general.... ! If all goes well, we may be in the fortunate position to host an Islay Whisky Academy Open Day at a Feis Ile anytime soon! We wish Rachel lots of success with her exciting future plans!

Win a place on Islay Whisky Academy Diploma 2019

Islay Whisky Academy is running a competition and everyone who joins can WIN A PLACE on the course for the Islay Whisky Academy Diploma 2019. If you're interested please Visit This Link

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