Islay Webcams at Laphroaig

Claudio Riva sent me an email yesterday mentioning the new webcams at Laphroaig. Together with the webcams at Bruichladdich there are now nineteen webcams available on Islay, quite a number for a relatively small island. Bruichladdich started years ago with their webcams which cover almost every corner of the distillery as well as views towards Loch Indaal and the pier at Bruichladdich. Claudio said: "The webcams at Laphroaig show views of the new Friends of Laphroaig lounge, the second in the visitors' centre, the 3rd looks at the shore kiln, the 4th at the road kiln and the last one is the view from the lounge over the bay. Very good pictures, updated approximately every second. The wonderful view of the bay is also very useful to see in real time the weather on Islay, or - much better - in this part of Islay as you can have simultaneously 10 different weathers in 10 different parts of the small island."

When I checked the Laphroaig bay webcam today it showed somewhat rainy weather which was confirmed by the Bruichladdich webcam. It will be interesting to follow the weather on both sides of the island from now on. I also wonder which distillery will be next to install webcams. Personally I would love to see a webcam at Bunnahabhain looking over the Sound of Islay towards the Paps of Jura or one at Caol Ila presenting similar views. I can also imagine, and hope, that there will be wildlife webcams in the (near) future, perhaps at the head of Loch Indaal or at the Loch Gruinart RSPB reserve to observe the geese and other wildlife on Islay.

The view from Bunnahabhain towards the Paps of Jura

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